February 4th, 2006

GNU Screen cheat-sheet

I created this account so I could see some people's friends-only posts, but I might as well post something of my own.

If you use console-mode unix programs and would like to

  • leave stuff running when you log out of a machine and have it still be running when you log back in,
  • or switch between multiple programs without using Ctrl-Z/fg or multiple terminal windows,
  • or be able to see multiple programs at once without using multiple terminal windows,
  • or copy and paste between programs without using the mouse,

then you will like GNU Screen. At my old job I sat at a Windows 2000 machine but did most of my work on a GNU/Linux machine (in a closet). Every day I logged into my desktop machine, logged into the closet machine via PuTTY, and ran screen -D -R, which brought up all of the Linux stuff I had left running the day before. Here's a cheat sheet I came up with to learn screen's keystrokes:

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