Aaron Brown (arundelo) wrote,
Aaron Brown

McCain's cross and speech

I spent some time looking something up for a comment on a Megan McArdle post about the idea that John McCain (consciously or unconsciously) stole his cross-in-the-dirt story from Solzhenitsyn, but it's languishing at the bottom of umpteen other comments, so I'll reproduce it here:

From Sienkiewicz's 1896 novel about first-century Christianity, Quo Vadis:

"Are you quite sure, my lord, that the girl drew a fish for you in the sand?" Chilon asked. He seemed to want to protract the moment, as if tapping his way through unfamiliar country.

"Yes!" Vinicius burst out, his self-control forgotten.

"Then she's a Christian," the Greek said. "And the people who abducted her were also Christians."

Also on the topic of McCain, I happened to listen to his acceptance speech.

  • Did anyone else notice that his bio video's music sounded similar to the theme from Dallas?
  • He got through the first half of the speech without using the phrase "my friends". (I'm not counting the time he used it while trying to get the audience to shaddup already.)
  • I think he pronounced "pundits" as "pundints".
  • He mentioned a family from Farmington Hills. Represent!

In closing: Cleese/Palin '08!

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