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Aaron Brown

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08:19pm: Petzold autograph

When an author gets a book published, the publisher generally gives the author 10 complimentary copies of the book. Usually the author signs these books and gives them to all his friends, but then he has 7 or 8 copies still left over, and these tend to gather dust on the bookshelves of the author's home.

Finally getting around to posting this. Back in February the programming author Charles Petzold cleaned out his attic and gave away some old books, and I got one:

The title page of Programming Windows 95, signed by the author

I'm reading his 1999 book Code right now -- a borrowed copy, but I like it enough that I'll probably buy my own sometime. A lot of it of course is stuff I already know, but he is a brilliant explainer.

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Date:2012-Jun-12 03:20am (UTC)
You are a pretty good explainer yourself...of course This activity needs good or moderately attentive understanders to complete the loop......
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Date:2012-Jun-12 03:52am (UTC)
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