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Aaron Brown

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2008-Apr-28 (Monday)

03:07am: Free time

Clay Shirky:

However lousy it is to sit in your basement and pretend to be an elf, I can tell you from personal experience it's worse to sit in your basement and try to figure if Ginger or Mary Ann is cuter.


2008-Jan-28 (Monday)

12:23am: Mortis Don Harlow

Kun granda bedaŭro venis la informo, ke Don Harlow [1, 2, 3, 4] forpasis hodiaŭ, la 27an de januaro, 2008, pro komplikaĵoj de kancero. Niaj pensoj kaj preĝoj estas kun lia kara edzino Anjo, liaj familianoj, proksimaj amikoj, kaj la multaj samideanoj, kiuj amis lin.

Elkore raportas Filipo Dorcas, nome de Esperanto-USA.

Antaŭ kelkaj jaroj mi renkontis ĉi tiun inteligentan kaj bonkoran homon. Ripozu en paco, Don.


2008-Jan-08 (Tuesday)

01:57pm: And all the robins bring

On page 18 of The Botany of Desire (my birthday present from Kurt), Michael Pollan writes about his one-year-old son's first sugar experience (cake icing):

Between bites Isaac gazed up at me in amazement (he was on my lap, and I was delivering the ambrosial forkfuls to his gaping mouth) as if to exclaim, "Your world contains this? From this day forward I shall dedicate my life to it." (Which he basically has done.)

Current Music: Brandenburg Concertos (1 & 2)
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2007-Sep-06 (Thursday)

12:57pm: "Brasil" hats

I bought matching hats for my coauthor Kurt and me (in honor of the Lua team's homeland):

Aaron and Kurt wearing "Brasil" baseball caps

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2007-Jul-19 (Thursday)

10:30pm: Quote of the [time period]

Will Wilkinson:

If we find out tomorrow that the universe is made of jello, all we will have learned about morality is that it, like everything else, is ultimately jello-dependent.


2007-Jun-18 (Monday)

11:28am: "Quote, please."

Peter Norvig:

Humans are very good at detecting patterns, but rather poor at detecting randomness.


2007-Feb-12 (Monday)

05:17pm: Book!
Aaron and his book Beginning Lua Programming

My coauthor Kurt and I finally got our author copies of the book we co-wrote, Beginning Lua Programming.

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2006-Nov-08 (Wednesday)

11:58pm: Where to get Moxie in Michigan

My girlfriend Cathy and I were in Kalamazoo the weekend before last and she introduced me to Tommy's Goodie Shoppe (map). This store sells Moxie, a soda somewhere in the flavor neighborhood of both root beer and black licorice, with a charmingly strange aftertaste.

a picture of Aaron and a half-drunk bottleof Moxie

Apart from Moxie, I bought some candy and some Goose Island soda, which (like Moxie) is made with cane sugar rather than corn syrup.


2006-Oct-23 (Monday)

03:03pm: A darndest thing
I think they should call it Spookoween.
Oh, do you now? Why's that?
Because it's the spookiest time of year, silly!

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